Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 5: Priorities {31 days to clean}

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean
"It’s easy to say what our priorities are, but it’s really important that we take an inventory of them so we can honestly evaluate where are weaknesses are, and where we need to find ourselves bent down before the throne of grace."
This really hit home to me and I felt pretty convicted of what my priorities really are, versus what I'd like them to be.
My Priorities:
  1. God: Spend time daily reading His Word and in prayer, growing closer in my relationship to Him.
    1. Work-in-progress goal: Get up before the kids for devotions and prayer (and coffee!).  If I miss a day, don't get frustrated and give up, but try for the next day.
    2. Verse: “In your presence is fullness of joy.” Psalm 16:11
  2. Husband: To be encouraging and supportive of him in his work and show how grateful I am that he is such a good provider for our family.  I want to make our home a peaceful and relaxing place to come home to after work.  I also want to remain his best friend and biggest fan :)
    1. Work-in-progress goal: Make an effort to serve him and think of his needs first.  Praise him and only speak positively of him in the company of others.  Don't nag!
    2. “Man finds fulfillment and glory in two main areas-work and love. When he succeeds in his work, his masculinity is confirmed. When a man wins the woman he loves and she responds to him sexually, he is marvelously glorified as a man.” Barbara Mouser, Five Aspects of Woman
  3. Children: To instruct them in righteousness and plant God's Word in their hearts.  I also want to protect their innocence and purity and shield them from bad influences and fill their lives with positive, godly influences.  
    1. Work-in-progress goal:  Read the Bible daily with my children and memorize scriptures together.  Sing hymns and work at memorizing some.  Make sure everything we allow in the home and activities we participate in are a good influence.
    2. “Teach them to your children, And talk about them When you sit at home And walk along the road. When you lie down and when you get up. Write them down and tie them on your hands as a sign. Tie them on your forehead to remind you and write them on your doors and gates.” Deuteronomy 6:7-8
  4. Home: A comfortable home that is a blessing to my family, not one that causes stress.  I would like to have an organized home with less clutter, since it is more conducive for homeschooling and for my husband to work on art in a tidy environment.  
    1. Work-in-progress goal: Take pride in my home and show my thankfulness by diligently caring for the home.  Do not be lazy, but cheerfully do what needs to be done as unto the Lord!
    2. “She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.” Proverbs 31:27
  5. Personal: Use my free time wisely by spending it on a hobby I enjoy: reading, sewing, baking, etc. instead of wasting it.  
    1. Work-in-progress goal: Read one book at a time and finish it, instead of reading 20 at once! 
Martha Challenge:  Wash your window treatments and windows.  
I was not expecting this challenge to be so difficult, but that is just my style I guess: to make everything more complicated!  Here's what happened:
I took the curtains off of this window, washed them, pressed them, and cleaned the window.
 Here are the curtains back up and looking pretty!  Not too bad so far...
 Next was this window:
 It was going so well until I wasn't careful enough pressing them and got a few burn stains on the curtains!  I was thinking at that point that my curtains would have been better off left alone!
 Here's the marks, which maybe wouldn't have bothered some people, but I knew I wouldn't be able to let it go.  So I tried a few different treatments: first using vinegar on a clean cloth to blot it out.  It helped but didn't completely get it out.  Next I tried soaking a cloth in hydrogen peroxide and putting it over the spots and an iron on the low setting on top.  (By the way, I did not just come up with these ideas but looked them up!)  
 Can you see them now?  They're gone!  This isn't a very good picture, but I swear they are gone..hehe.
Needless to say, I do not want to do that again for a long least not until I get some lessons from my mom on how to properly press curtains (and clothes!).

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