Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 8

October 4-10

My Father's World 1st Days 33-37

This week I'm glad I took a bunch of pictures at the beginning of the week, because I started coming down with a cold on Tuesday night and I'm just now almost better (more than a week later).  We were so happy to have Grandma (my mom) come visit from Friday until Sunday and celebrated her birthday as well.  Davin made her a whole bunch of Super Davin paper dolls and a lovely birthday card.  I felt bad that my mom was doing so much to help out: cooking, helping with the kids, running errands, getting groceries....but I know she has such a servant's heart and taking care of people, especially her kids (even if they're all grown up!) is what she does!!  And let me tell you, she's the best!!  Oh, my kids will surely be blessed if I can come anywhere near to being a wonderful mom like mine :)

We had quite a little incident on Saturday.  While we were eating lunch we heard a strange sound outside and looked out to discover that the back windshield in our van completely shattered.  It was such a mess!!!  My mom went and got a shop-vac and her and my husband spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the mess, while I took care of the kids inside and watched a bunch of season one of The Donna Reed Show.  (It's okay to do that, right?  I was sick!)  We don't know how it happened, but we got the van in on Monday and it's all fixed now :)  Alright, now on to school things and other highlights from this week!

Our Proverb this week was "Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing." Proverbs 12:18.  An activity was to write "Healing Words" on a few band-aids and during the day if someone was sad, angry, or discouraged, Davin could give them a band-aid and tell them some healing words.  Isn't that adorable?  Other Bible things we worked on:

  • In Sparks, Davin earned his Wing Runner badge!

  • We talked about the languages of the Bible and Davin copied the Greek alphabet.

We've started our Italic Handwriting Book B and here he's working diligently.

Taking a break to build a house for Mario.

Teaching Quinnlyn how to play the drums.

He wanted to read aloud to me all of his math books!  I found this very surprising, since he usually does not want to read aloud to me.  He read these books:

  • Jelly Beans for Sale by Bruce McMillan

  • A Fair Bear Share by Stuart J. Murphy

  • Safari Park by Stuart J. Murphy

For math, we set up a cafe and Davin wrote out the menu, took orders, and added up the bill for each person.  It was a joy to eat at the Sunshine Cafe!

For science this week, the topic was "Rivers."  Here is his narration and illustration after reading about the topic in Things Outdoors.  The narration says:

"Canals carry ships over spaces where there is not any water.  The water from rivers is made up of snow and rain.  The rivers that are near cities are in danger of getting poisoned by trash.  Crashed oil ships can make oil fly everywhere into the river."

Daddy wrote down the narration this week and I think he enjoyed it!  I always love hearing what Davin has to say for narrations, too :)

We read this books from the library and enjoyed them all!:

  • The Raft by Jim LaMarche

  • Where the River Begins by Thomas Locker

  • White Water by Jonathan and Aaron London

  • River Story by Meredith Hooper

  • The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks by Joanna Cole

Here's Dorian making a centerpiece for our table.  He placed all the foam leaves on there by himself and did a lovely job!  You can also see his poor little lip that got split open the past weekend while he was running outside and tripped :(

He started playing with this toolbox set and just had to find his construction hat!  He always wants to have the right outfit/equipment for what he's playing with!

The best picture I could get of them all together on the swing!

Mmmm....Dori loves the yummy cake Grandma brought!  One of my mom's friends made her a cake for her birthday, so she brought it with.  It was delicious!

The boys sitting with Grandma looking at a Toys'R'Us catalog.

Here's his narration from an Aesop Fable:


“The Wolf & The Kid”

There once was a Kid whose grown horns made him think he was a grown-up goat. One day, when the group was over at the field, it was time to go. But when it was time to go, his Mama called for him, and he just stayed, nibbling on the grass. When he lifted his head, he realized that the group was gone. He frowned as he thought about the terrible wolf. He tried to make his way home, but not even midway there he met the Wolf. The Kid said, “Please Mr. Wolf, before you eat me, please play me a merry tune.” The Wolf liked the idea of playing a tune before having a feast. As he was playing his tune, the Kid sneakily went away right back home. The Wolf felt silly of himself and thought he should've gone with eating his prey before playing a merry tune.

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