Monday, October 18, 2010

First Grade: Week 10

October 18-24

MFW Days 43-47

Bible: Our Proverb for the week:
"A wise son heeds his father's instruction, but a mocker does not listen to rebuke." Proverbs 13:1
  • I read about the 2nd and 3rd Days of Creation, Davin read it independently in the MFW Bible Reader, then illustrated the days in his Bible Notebook.

  • I introduced the "Books of the Bible" chart and we will learn the name and a brief description each day of a book of the Bible.
  • He continued to do some independent reading in his Bible and worked on some memory verses for Sparks.
  • Completed 5 pages in Saxon 1 
  • Seed Counting chart activity: we cut open several pieces of fruit and made a chart to compare the amount of seeds each fruit contained.
Ambleside Literature:
  • Paddle-to-the-Sea Chapter 1 Narration:
  • Paddle-to-the-Sea Chapter 2 Drawing Narration:
  • 50 Famous Stories Retold: “Damon and Pythias” Narration:
Once there was a man named Pythias who did something that the tyrant, Dionysius, did not like. He had to be put to jail and have a day set that he had to die. He missed his family, though. He said, “Oh, King, can I go back to my family? I have missed them so much!” Dionysius said, “How can I know that you will come back? You just want to save yourself.” Then, somebody named Damon said, “I will go to jail in place of Pythias. I know he's a true person and he always does what he says.” But if he does not come back on the day, I will die in his place.” “I agree,” said the tyrant. Then Pythias was set free. When the day was ready, Pythias did not come back at the right hour. The jailer was about to lead him to his death just as Pythias opened the door. He was late by a ship delay. The tyrant was not so bad and said, “I will not kill you because you have such faith in each other.”
  • 50 Famous Stories Retold: “A Laconic Answer” Narration:
There once was a land named Greece. The people in the south part of it were called Spartans. The people in the northern part of it were called Macedons. One of the strange rules about the Spartans, also known as Lacons, was that they should never say more words than they needed. The ruler of Macedon once was Philip. He wanted to ruler over all of Greece, so he battled other people.One day,he sent a letter to the spartans.''if''' was in it,so the spartans replied ''if''which means we are not afraid if the little word ''if'' stands in your way.''
  • Read Trial and Triumph Chapter 1: "Polycarp Witness in the Arena"

Geography: A Child's Geography: pages 9-13
  • Postcard Narration:

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