Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Davin's (and my) Thoughts on Home School

He came up to me smiling and said, "Mama, I don't think homeschool's a waste of time anymore!"  "Oh, why is that?" I asked.  "Well, I actually like the books and workbooks, and even the narrations!" he said.

I wasn't aware that he thought it was a waste of time, but at least he's honest I guess!  He just likes having a lot of time for drawing, reading, Legos, pretending, playing, etc., and the interruption to do school work is not always warmly welcomed.  Today, I was very happy about his cheerful attitude when I told him we'd begin our school work.  The great thing about childhood is that kids are always learning: through play, from parents and other siblings, through reading, pretending....everything contributes to educating a child!  So, I pray that my influence as a wholehearted mother is positive and godly; that my children will grow to love the Lord.  It is a tall order and sometimes seems like an insurmountable task, but also a wonderful privilege.

Here's another story from today.

"Wanna see something?" He said as if telling me something you couldn't imagine, like (....okay, I seriously tried to think of such an instance) and he pulled out some off-brand crayons from a bag (We are usually faithful to Crayola).
"Cranberry looks like Brick Red," he says while drawing a line on a piece of paper for me to see, proving this discrepancy. "And Red looks like Cranberry!" he concluded triumphantly.

Now, this is probably only amusing to me, because ever since Davin was 2, he was adamant about me telling him the "correct" name of crayon colors. He did not believe me if I said sky blue was just "blue", for instance. We were at a little Christmas party last year and the kids were coloring a picture of the nativity scene. Davin asked the kids at the table: "Does anyone have burnt sienna that I could borrow?" The kids looked at him bewildered and the moms looked at me like, "He did *not* just say that!!"  (I agree, Davin, that you wouldn't want all the wise men to have brown beards!  A little variety really spices up the picture!)

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  1. That's great! It sounds like something my daughter would say. She definitely thinks she has much better things to do than school about 75% of the time! lol