Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tot School

9/20 to 9/26

Here's a few things we did this week!

Playing with Cuisinaire Rods.  He's really learned a lot of colors already and could tell me yellow, orange, blue, and green.

Bingo Dauber paintings!

Playing with a shape nesting toy.

Trying to tell baby sister not to play with his toy...."No, baby, no!" he would say.

Sorting dinosaur counters by color.

He insists on wearing his bike helmet backwards!

This boy loves changing clothes for each sport he's playing; this is baseball time!

Time for golf! I don't know how he knew to put a glove on, as he's never seen Daddy wear a glove when swinging a club outside.  He's pretty inventive and used this gardening glove as his golf glove.

Playing at the park after church. Such a beautiful day!

So Proud of himself! I love my joyful toddler :)

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