Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Lesson in Faith

Here's a narration of "A Lesson in Faith" from Parables From Nature, from my 6 year old son. I stopped after each page to let him retell what he remembered from the story, but will gradually read longer chunks before asking for his "telling".

A butterfly had baby butterflies. She saw a caterpillar. She was about to die, so she said, “Caterpillar, will you watch my baby butterflies? You must not give them the food you eat. You must give them dew.  I do not have time to look for another babysitter.” She handed the caterpillar some gold dust as a reward. “I'm getting dizzy!” the butterfly said. As soon as she stopped saying it, she closed her eyes and died.

Before the caterpillar could answer yes or no, she was stuck with “yes”. “What a silly thing to choose a poor little creature like me! But I guess that I'll have to do. I'll need some help by another creature.” But there was a problem. Which animal would be wisest? She started with the dog, but he was to fierce. Next, she went with the cat, but she was selfish. Finally, she went with the lark. The lark went up, way up to the sky. It took a couple hours til he came back down, though.

When the lark came back down, he said, “Unbelievable news, friend! Guess what they are to be fed?” “Honey and drops of dew from the flowers,” said the caterpillar. “No, guess something different,” said the lark. “All I can think of is cabbage leaves.” “That's exactly it,” said the lark, “cabbage leaves!” “But their hopeless dying mother requested....” “Do you even know what these eggs will grow into?” asked the lark. “Butterflies,” said the caterpillar. “No, caterpillars!” said the Lark. “And some day,” said the Lark, “you yourself will grow into a butterfly.” “Extremely impossible!” said the caterpillar.

As soon as the fighting stopped, the caterpillar heard something. She looked around. Green little caterpillars were out of the eggs. One day the caterpillar was going to turn into a butterfly. In her chrysalis she said, “I now am going to turn into a butterfly.” She began to tell everyone that she once was a caterpillar, but no one believed her.

I'm not sure he fully got the meaning of the story, but I'm very happy that he was willing to narrate and enjoyed doing so!  He was so proud of his work that we printed it and he showed Daddy.  I think we may fully convert to a more Charlotte Mason method around here, rather than the Charlotte Mason/Classical bent we began with.  I just love the books we've begun from Ambleside Online Year 1!  My son is so excited about them as well, and being a voracious reader, he is thrilled to have new material that is challenging to his mind and satisfying to his soul.  He didn't say that, of course, but I can see it!


  1. That's awesome! I just read that to my kiddos lately too! I agree with you about Charlotte Mason. I really love her approach. Have you ever heard of Living Books Curriculum? I signed up and got a lot of free downloads, plus the e-mails they send out are really helpful. I got a wonderful print-out for Columbus Day. I love reading your blog!

  2. Thanks for the tip about Living Books Curriculum! I just signed up to get the free downloads and emails :) Thank you so much for the encouragement! I was just reading your blog earlier and really enjoyed it!

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