Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tot School

Tot School

Dorian is currently 27 months old.

Here are some fun things we did this past week!

Playing with playdoh is always a big hit.  He's not quite strong enough to push down that little contraption, but I helped him to make countless "snakes"!

Beading activity.  It wasn't too long before he took a handful of beads and threw we'll wait a while to try that again!

He must have been inspired by his playdoh, as he's practicing drawing some "snakes".

We had some gorgeous weather earlier this week, just perfect for playing outside!

Discovering that the scooter doesn't scoot so well on the grass.

Taking Hippity, the bunny, for a stroll.  By the way, I'm sorry to state that Hippity and that stroller got left out in the rain....but I'm sure they'll make a full recovery!

Swinging with Hippity.

Tot Tray: transferring seashells.  All these supplies, including the tray, were from the Dollar Tree, a Tot Tray jackpot!  The trays are meant for catering, but are a nice size for tot tray activities.  The tongs are wonderful and easy for little hands to grasp and open and shut.

Pouring, more like dropping, paperclips through the funnel into the glass jar.  Not quite sure what I was thinking with this one, but thankfully Dorian still enjoyed it!

Small Spaces: Putting the straws into the holes of a toothbrush holder (from Goodwill).

He liked the shells and laid them all out on the tray and we sorted them into types.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of him holding the shells up to his ear, listening for the ocean!  It was so cute.

These are "Dodo's Weh-gos".  Having a 6-year-old Legomaniac brother has caused this little guy to snub his nose to Duplo and insist on the real thing.  He loves, loves, loves the minifigs in particular, taking them apart and putting them back together in different combinations.

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