Thursday, March 10, 2011

An icky, mucky, let's go out and play!

My natural inclination is to stay inside when it is cold and/or muddy outside, but there are days when I know that the kids need to play outside, despite the weather!  I helped them get bundled up and they had a great time (and didn't even get that dirty!)

Dorian having fun swinging, always a cheerful smile for the camera:

Davin loves swinging!

Dorian posing on his way down the ladder (right before slipping and falling the rest of the way down, little sweetheart!)

Me and Quinny:

Davin with his rock collection he gathered.  He loves starting collections!:

Quinnlyn watching her brothers from the sunporch:

I haven't taken a picture of myself for quite some time, since the kids are much more interesting to look at!  I got a haircut from my sister recently, so I thought I'd document it :)   My hair is not actually red, but appears that way in this picture!

Later on, Dorian made "race tracks" out of his dinosaurs.  Very creative!

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