Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Exploration Day (105): Science with Water-Mixing

My Father's World 1st grade: Day 105

We had another fun day exploring using Science with Water and learned about "Mixing" today and how different things mix with water.  We also talked about separating mixtures, what solutions are, and how to separate solutions.  Davin said it was "the funnest experiment ever!"

Science With Water (Science Activities)

I set up some trays with four different substances to be mixed with water.

 The first one Davin mixed was the sugar:

After stirring it, he noticed that it took a while for the sugar to dissolve into the water, but it did dissolve completely.  Later, I heated up the water and Davin noticed that the sugar dissolved faster in the warmer water.

 The next one to mix was shower gel:

 After stirring slowly, nothing seemed to happen.  I suggested that he stir more quickly and he was delighted to see bubbles form...."Ohhh, bubbles!":

 The next one was dishwashing detergent:

 Davin remarked that the water looked "misty":

 Next was some vegetable oil.  This was his favorite one to play with:

 He liked making different designs by dropping the oil onto the water.  He noticed that unlike the other substances, the oil did not mix with the water and seemed to float on top of it.  I asked him if he thought the oil and water could be separated and how he would do it.  He thought that since the oil seems to be floating on top of the water, it could be scooped out with a spoon.  Pretty smart!  It didn't work perfectly, but theoretically it could be separated:

 We talked about solutions: mixtures that mix so well that they cannot be separated by scooping or sieving.  Davin figured out that our first three mixtures were solutions: the water + sugar, water + soap, and water + dishwashing detergent.  

I decided to get some coffee grounds and had him mix those:

 He saw that the coffee grounds didn't dissolve, but did turn the water brown:

 Then I got out my little coffee cone filter and let him filter the coffee:

 He had fun pouring it in and watching it drip:

The End!

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