Monday, June 21, 2010

Favorite Apps

I thought I'd share some of my favorite apps that I have on my iPhone.  I'd love you to share yours as well!  I haven't had my phone very long, so I'm sure there's lots more out there to enjoy.  In no particular order:

  1. Facebook:  of course!  No explanation needed here.

  2. WordPress: I can publish posts right from my phone and use photos I've taken or take a new one for the post.

  3. Home Routine:  So great!  It's very FlyLady friendly, including a Morning, Evening, and Weekly Tasks routine.  You can add more if you'd like (I added a Homeschool routine).  On the home menu is an "Accomplishments" tab, which shows everything you've completed so far in the day.  It makes you feel good to see how much you've done (Even if some of the tasks are "brush teeth", "make coffee", etc.  haha).  There are also Focus Zones for cleaning, such as "Kitchen & Dining Room", and tasks to complete each week depending on the zone.  At this season of my life, I am lucky to have the clutter under control and mop and vacuum once a week!  Though I'm sure some day I will have more time to clean :)  Another thing: there is a handy 15 minute timer that I've found very useful to motivate myself and the kids to hurry and finish our tasks before the timer goes off.

  4. Bible Memory Verses: Included are lots of topics and verses within each topic to memorize.  I'm starting with the topic "60 Fundamental Verses".  There's a neat "Blanks" feature to help with memorization that puts lots of blanks in the verse you're working on. If you get stuck, just tap on a blank and the word appears.  Another good thing is that you can change what version of the Bible you'd like to use.  I hope this will help me with memorization, as it is something that isn't easy for me and I am also pretty lazy about it!

  5. Kid Quips Journal:  Neat little app to store those cute or funny "quips" you hear from your darling kids.  You can add a picture and also send the quote via email, facebook, or twitter.

  6. Grocery Gadget: I was looking for a grocery shopping app that could store a weekly grocery list, store the price and brand of the item, and be able to send it to my husband in case I needed him to pick some things up on his way home from work.  This app does all of that and has more features that I haven't discovered yet.

  7. Words with Friends: fun Scrabble-like game.

  8. LEGO Photo: Take a picture and then make a Lego mosaic out of it.  Davin really likes this one because, well, it's Lego!

  9. Cozi: Great family app!  Now Mike can not say that he did not know about any doctor's appointments or other events, because they are on this shared calendar.  Also includes a shopping list and really neat family journal.  I am not the best at scrapbooking or journaling, but the journal on this app is really easy to use and jot down a little note or add a picture for the day.  You can go on the website and set it up to share the family journal with relatives as well, which is really nice!

  10. Debt Tracker: Kind of depressing, but keeps track of how much debt you owe and helps you set up a payoff plan (from lowest to highest debt, highest interest rate first, etc.)  Pretty useful and Dave Ramsey-friendly.

  11. AllRecipes Pro: Neat "dinner spinner" feature for searching for recipes by ingredient and preparation time.  Lets you add recipes to the "recipe box" (or access stored recipes from your online allrecipes account) and make a shopping list.  It's nice to use my phone to view the cooking instructions while trying out a new recipe so that I don't waste paper printing it out.

  12. Hipstamatic: Ahhhhmazing photo app!  I am in love with this and have taken some pretty neat photos with it.  It is so much fun to play around with and see the different effects the lens and film has on the pictures.  You can also share the photos via email, facebook, or upload to Flickr.

There you have it!  I hope to hear from you about your favorite apps!

P.S.  I pre-ordered the new iPhone 4 and am super excited to get it :)


  1. I have several of these. I didn't know about the WordPress app. I'll have to get it. Thanks. Oh, my favorite app is Olive Tree BibleReader--Free. It has several free things I use, mainly M'Cheyne's Bible Reading & Matthew Henry's Commentary. You can also purchase things to add on as well.

  2. I added the WP app, but when I try to add my blog it says, "Blog not found." Is there a trick to adding one that doesn't have a WP address? Thanks.

  3. Oh! Good question! On your dashboard, under "settings", then "writing", you need to check the boxes under "Remote Publishing" to "enable the Atom Publishing Protocol" and "Enable the WordPress XML-RPC". I never would've figured that out, but my husband knew right away! Let me know if that doesn't work.

  4. Oh good question! On your dashboard, under "Settings", then "Writing" you need to check the two boxes under "Remote Publishing". Let me know if that doesn't work!

  5. Nevermind. I was just trying to do it when I should have been sleeping. Really love it (now that I've figures it all out).

  6. Glad to see it's working for you! I took me a bit to get it to work....after fixing misspellings and then changing the setting on my blog to allow remote publishing. I think it will be really handy!