Monday, June 14, 2010

Bathtime Math

I usually try and take a bath at night after the kids are in bed, but sometimes, like today, I take one in the morning.  It's really not a very good idea, as I then have several little hands throwing bath toys in the tub and helping give me a bath!  Although you never know when a learning opportunity will pop up during the day, and today during my bath happened to be one :)

I asked Davin to get me a washcloth and described it as a small square folded up, motioning the approximate dimensions.  (For some reason, he never can remember that a washcloth is the smallest towel!)  He got me the correct one and I held it up asking him what shape it was, how many sides did it have, and how many angles.  Then I folded it into a rectangle asking him the same questions.  I made a triangle next, and then he got a washcloth to quiz me!  He made a triangle, but claimed it was a "paper hat", then I guessed "square" for the next one, but it was in fact a "diamond".  He then made a "line", and I taught him that if you were to put 2 arrows onto the end of a line that both ends would continue on into infinity!  So there's beginning Geometry :)  He was quite amazed by that information.

Meanwhile, Dorian was pouring water on my head helping to wash my hair and using his stacking cups to pour water into the tub.  Then he found some of my lipgloss and put it on himself, pointing to his nose, eyes, ears, and head asking where it went and giggling the whole time.  I showed him where it really goes and then he was kind enough to put some on my lips as well.

So, even though I didn't get to enjoy my coffee and book in peace, it was worth it :)

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