Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Science Exploration Day: Water's 'Skin'

Today in Science (day 95 of My Father's World) we learned about "Water's Skin", pages 8-9 in Science With Water

Science With Water (Science Activities)

Basically, the experiments we did show the effect of surface tension on water.  The "skin" allows the water to resist slight pressure, like shown below:

Davin will do the narration again, since he does such a nice job!

First, we filled a glass with water and put pennies inside it.  We saw that they sunk, but the water began to rise.  It looked like the water was held in by a thin skin.

Uh oh, Quinn accidentally pressed the picture button while Mama was holding her with the camera!  As you can see, Quinn's foot is on the right.

There's Quinn again!  Isn't she so cute?!

Next, we got a tray and a spoon and started catching water drops with the spoon.  Then, we dropped them onto the tray.  

This is what it looked like:

Then, we got a straw and dipped it in dishwashing liquid and put it on the drops.  The drops began to get flatter; the drops changed their shape!  (The detergent made the skin stretch so the drops spread out).

I made this picture with the dishwashing soap and water droplets:

Next, we mixed up some bubble solution using water and dishwashing liquid. We started blowing bubbles!

There's Dori!

We're blowing more bubbles:

I learned that water actually has a thin skin that holds in water even if it changes shape.  Putting the dishwashing soap on the water makes the skin move and flattens out the water.  Doing experiments is fun! 

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