Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Grade Reading List: January

I am using Sonlight's Reader's 2 Intermediate list for part of Davin's independent reading list this semester.  The books range from mid-first to third grade reading level.  He loves to read and spends many hours a day reading (and I'm pretty sure he can read faster than me!)  I was able to get 15 out of 21 of these books from the library and plan on ordering the rest, plus the Sonlight Instructor's Guide for these books which includes comprehension questions, activities, map work, and more.

**Note: I started this post 4 days ago, and Davin has already read 8 of these books, plus many more from the library!  He has been a reading machine lately!  He has REALLY enjoyed all of these books, commenting after each book he finishes: "This is a really good book!"  I didn't know how long it would take him to read these books, but it looks like he'll be moving on to the Readers 2 Advanced list in no time!  I am so happy that he is loving reading so much :)

  • The Chalk Box Kid by Clyde Robert Bulla 
    • Finished: liked it!
Chalk Box Kid (Stepping Stone, paper)
  • Clara and the Bookwagon by Nancy Smiler Levinson
    • Finished: liked it!
Clara and the Bookwagon (I Can Read Book 3)
  • Cora Frear by Susan E. Goodman
    • Finished: liked it!
Cora Frear
  • The House on Walenska Street by Charlotte Herman
    • Finished: loved it!
The House on Walenska Street (Puffin Chapters)
  • Jake Drake: Bully Buster by Andrew Clements
    • Finished: liked it!

Jake Drake, Bully Buster
  • Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie by Peter and Connie Roop
    • Finished: liked it!
Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie (1st Avenue)
  • The Last Little Cat by Meindert DeJong
    • Finished: loved it!  He says this is his favorite one so far and wants to read it again right away!

The Last Little Cat
  • The Littles by John Peterson

The Littles
  • The Long Way to a New Land by Joan Sandin

The Long Way to a New Land (I Can Read Book 3)
  • The Paint Brush Kid by Clyde Robert Bulla
    • Finished: liked it!

Paint Brush Kid (Stepping Stone, paper)
  • Praire School by Avi
    • Finished: liked it!

Prairie School (I Can Read Book 4)
  • Riding the Pony Express by Clyde Robert Bulla
    • Finished: Loved it!!

Riding the Pony Express
  • Tippy Lemmey by Pat McKissack

Tippy Lemmey
  • Tornado by Betsy Byars
    • Finished: Liked it a lot!

Tornado (Trophy Chapter Book)
  • The Long Way Westward by Joan Sandin

The Long Way Westward (I Can Read Book 3)
  • Third Grade Detectives #1-2 by George E. Stanley
    • Finished: Really liked these! Also read #3

The Clue of the Left-Handed Envelope/The Puzzle of the Pretty Pink Handkerchief: Third-Grade Detectives #1-2 (Third Grade Detectives)
  • Third Grade Detectives #4 by George E. Stanley

The Cobweb Confession (Third-Grade Detectives)
  • Third Grade Detectives #10 by George E. Stanley

The Mystery of the Stolen Statue (Third-Grade Detectives)
  • A Question of Yams by Gloria Repp

A Question of Yams: A Missionary Story Based on True Events
  • The Viking Adventure by Clyde Robert Bulla

Viking Adventure

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