Sunday, November 20, 2011

Poetry Memorization

I am so proud of Davin for completing level 1 of "Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization" by Andrew Pudewa....the title is quite a mouthful, isn't it? What that means is that over the course of several months, we have been working on memorizing 20 poems, with a total of 200 lines. After memorizing all of the poems, Davin recited them all to us over the course of two days. It has really been an enjoyable part of our homeschool, and as with everything we study I am so thankful to be learning right alongside him. It is amazing how children's brains are like sponges, soaking everything up! As a reward for his hard work, Davin was allowed to pick out any book of his choice from Barnes & Noble this weekend. He chose the new "Lego Idea Book" and hasn't put it down since he got it :)

Here is one of Davin's favorite poems that he's memorized:

A little old man of the sea
Went out in a boat for a sail,
The water came in
Almost up to his chin
And he had nothing which which to bail.
But this little old man of the sea
Just drew out his jackknife so stout,
And a hole with its blade
In the bottom he made,
So that all of the water ran out.
-- John Bennett

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