Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 80: Exploration Day-Experimenting with Water

Today we are on Day 80 of My Father's World 1st Grade for home school.  We have finished Usborne's "Things Outdoors" for Science, and today we began "Science with Water."
Science With Water (Science Activities)

Today, we read pages 2-3, "Experimenting with Water."  I'm letting Davin narrate the pictures below, so he'll tell you what we did!

First, I put a jar of water on the table to see that the top of the water goes in a straight line, just like the table top.  
 Next, I sloped the bottle and the top still went in a straight line!
 Then, I looked at the bottle with a magnifying glass and saw that there tiny, white bubbles in the water.
 Still playing with magnifying glass....
 Then, I put water in a glass pan and saw that it extends to cover the entire pan.
 Lastly, I put 2 cups of water in 3 different jars.  I thought the one on the left looked like it had more water, but all of them had the same amount!
I learned that water takes any shape!  I liked doing these experiments a lot!

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