Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little Hands to Heaven, Tot Trays, and more!

I decided to take some pictures throughout the day just for fun.  We started "Little Hands to Heaven" with Dorian, a preschool program for ages 2-5.  He seemed to enjoy it, and surprisingly, Davin had a blast with it too!

Dorian helping me make Strawberry Bread.  He loves to be my helper in the kitchen!  He really is becoming quite helpful, as I can ask him to get the milk, eggs, etc. and he understands and can do it!

Here is the resident grape-washer, getting very good at picking grapes off the stem and washing them.  I think grapes are probably his favorite food!

I had him color in some circles I drew, then we looked around for objects in the house that matched those colors (part of Little Hands).

Davin showing me the colors he chose and the checkmarks around each circle represent how many objects of that color he found.

We made an "A" on the kitchen floor using masking tape, and the boys first had a stuffed animal hop along it, then it was their turn to walk along it, saying the "A" sound as they went (part of Little Hands).

The strawberry bread is done, and it was very yummy!

I made homemade chicken nuggets and they were very good.

A fun Guidecraft toy that I just ordered from Amazon.

Another Guidecraft toy, great for learning 1-1 counting and colors.

Tot Tray transferring activity. He used the tongs to transfer the pom-poms into the paint tray.

Dorian is very proud of his accomplishment.  Great job!

Daddy cooked tonight!  He made some delicious grilled BBQ chicken and potatoes.

So those were some highlights from our day.  Before you think that everything goes perfectly and smoothly all the time, let me inform you that I did not include pictures of crying children, tantrums, etc. ...just so you know!

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